[Fix] iPhone Stuck At Recovery Mode?

You may meet such a problem that iPhone stuck at recovery mode after you failed to upgrade iPhone.You may try to restart your iPhone again, but this problem persists. So this tutorial aims to show you how to get your iPhone out of recovery mode.

Why iPhone stuck at recovery mode?

iPhone may stuck at recovery mode when you reset your iPhone/iPad. In addition, when you upgrade/downgrade your iPhone, if some unknown errors happen during the upgrade/downgrade process, iDevice will easily stuck at recovery mode.

Use 3uTools to restore iPhone out of recovery mode
Please download and install the latest 3uTools on your PC. Connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable. Click “Flash Jailbreak”→”Easy flash”. Choose the firmware you want, and then click “Flash ”. Wait till this process is completed. When it’s done your iDevice will be fixed.

Use iTunes to get your iDevide out of recovery mode

* For iPhone 6s and older iDevices..

1. Unplug USB cable from your computer.

2. Press the Power button and Home button on your iPhone simultaneously till iDevice is turned on.

3. Continue to press iPhone’s power button to restart your iPhone.

4. Connect iDevice to iTunes using the USB cable and restore it.

* For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus.

1. Press the Power button and volume down button on your iPhone simultaneously.

2. Release the two button when iPhone shows you the Apple logo.

3. If iPhone is not turn on, you need yo press Power button to turn it on.

4. Connect iDevice to iTunes using the USB cable and restore it.

It is worth mentioning that iDevice’s data can’t be saved via the two method above unless you’ve backuped your important data before.


  1. thanks for the info on iPhone Problems and Solutions and what about the other error solutions ??

  2. when trying to exit following these methods 3u shows "error please connect the device" stuck at 1 percent. Try again and problem is still there...

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have just used a program called Joyoshare UltFix iOS system recovery to get my iPhone X out of recovery mode. It causes no data and it seems that this feature is for free. I think it is really worth using.


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