How to Enter KDFU Mode Using Futurerestore?

If you want to downgrade, you need to enter KDFU mode.

Please download:
For iOS 10+:
For iOS versions lower than iOS 10:
Official iOS firmware:

Step 1 Before you operate on Futurerestore, you need to customize firmware to help you enter Kdfu mode.

(1) After you download then unzip the tool, launch wndGui.exe.

Note: Not all iOS can be customized, you should check FirmwareBundles in the unzipped file to see if there is iOS you want to cutomized.For example, iOS 6.1.2, 6.1.3, 7.0.4, 7.0.6 and 7.1.2 firmwares for product type iPhone 3,1 can be customized.

As follow, click the third button “生成自制固件”to customize firmware. You will need custom firmware to enter KDFU mode, please remember where you save it. Then click "继续" to start the process.On the second box, you are recommended to create a new folder, then just select the folder to save custom firmware.

(2) The command window will start to run as below. It will take several minutes to finish running. 

(3) Please wait patiently, after it is finished, it will create a new file on the path you just selected. Rename the file to "Custom FW.ipsw".

Step 2 Enter KDFU Mode

(1) After you jailbreak, install Open SHSH and Core Utilities.

(2) Click Toolbox -> Open SSH Tunnel on 3uTools.

(3) After you install the tweaks, reboot your device and then lanuch H3lix to click "Kickstart". Click the sixth button “进入KDFU” and select the customized firmware you make on Step 1 to enter KDFU mode.


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  2. i cannot start wndGui as it alwasy say that libocrypto-1_1.dll & zlib1.dll was not found
    how can i fix this


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